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No plans for another ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme.

Recent reports suggested that Rishi Sunak was considering a reintroduction of the popular ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme to the hospitality sector when pubs and restaurants are able to re-open, hopefully from 12th April. The scheme which ran through August last year gave diners 50% off their food bill up to £10 on certain weekdays. Food and non-alcoholic drinks were included but the scheme excluded alcohol.

However, it appears the Chancellor has had a change of heart. Speaking at a recent treasury select committee meeting he said that there were currently no plans to bring back the scheme because high streets will “spring back” after lockdown. He continued that he felt that families were keen to go on a spending spree having saved an estimated £180bn during lockdown and that discount enticements would not be necessary.

He told MP’s there was a huge pent-up demand ready to explode once lockdown restrictions ease and that consumers would be more confident to spend this time round saying “there was an enormous worry when things reopened last year that people wouldn’t have the confidence to spend even though they had the income to”.

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