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How we can help

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme during August was a welcome relief for the sector, with a number of businesses extending or adapting the scheme through September and even beyond, at their own cost. But, the future remains uncertain.

The first thing to do is NOT to panic. Whilst recent events may be deeply worrying, things will, eventually, return to some sort of normality. It’s now very much a case of stepping back, taking a deep breath, calmly assessing your situation and deciding what help to seek. It’s understandable to feel distressed and panicked by the current situation your business finds itself in. You’ve probably made many sacrifices, you may have invested your own hard-earned money and you’ve probably worked long and hard to make your hospitality business as successful as possible. It’s probably been a ‘way of life’ for you and you are likely to have become emotionally attached to the business. And now it looks as though it’s all slipping away from you through absolutely no fault of your own. But there comes a point when you must try, as hard as it may be, to put the emotional attachments you have to the business aside and let your head dictate your decisions moving forward. You MUST be pragmatic and practical and, to the best of your ability, ensure the financial situation doesn’t worsen, by making decisions and taking action responsibly and quickly.

So, let’s start with a well used turnaround phrase, “You are where you are”. There is no time for blame or recrimination, all actions and energy must be geared towards SAVING YOUR BUSINESS and hopefully WE CAN HELP!

The guide covers:

Setting out a strategy so that you can do the following

  • Roots up Business review for quick wins
  • Building sales & Controlling costs
  • Train and mentor Management Team
  • Deliver profit target proposition
  • Create a consistent customer experience

If more critical;

  • Is my pub or hotel company insolvent?
  • How can a pub get a time to pay deal with HMRC for PAYE and VAT?
  • What is a Company Voluntary Arrangement and why is it a great rescue tool
  • How to massively cut costs in your business
  • How to deal with a winding up petition from HMRC.

And lots more!

We help many thousands of people every year, across different and diverse business sectors. Most are fantastically hard-working, many are innovative and creative, others are great with numbers or processes, and still, more are great leaders. BUT all of the people we work with and help at the current time share one common thread: They require support to create a clear recovery plan.

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